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Keeping in mind our client-centric approach we intensively meet the stringent HIPAA privacy regulations to provide patient-centric data safeguard. We provide one track game plans and actionable solutions to smoothly administer compliance. quaerat. HIPAA privacy regulations encompass protected health information (PHI) primarily, and also deals with electronically protected health information (ePHI) under the HIPAA security rule (SR). It maintains the security of sensitive patient's data as a covered entity

These regulations specify the implementation of protective measure ensuing

Why this is important?

Our employees and clients are bound to us within the thread of confidentiality and responsibility. We when entrusted with your personal data are bound to protect this at the same time providing transparency and clarity. This is a reasonable expectation upon breach of which the provider can be held legally liable under the law.

For the record, Information about health plans, treatment, payment, enrollment, agents, bank details, are being processed secure access pathway should be administered under e-PHI to prevent disclosure to any unauthorized party Therefore we provide hi-tech security options to ensure physical and multi - tired information security. Along with this authorized and disciplined scrutiny of data, and right action if a breach is encountered. Personal information is treated and transmitted following all the HIPAA regulations and security requirements. Right from - The collection, transmission, and storage of data all are inspected and observed under security regulations guidelines.